my life as i live it . half a daily dose

i couldn’t find the words last night to begin my daily dose post. so just a blip for now with more to come later.

*  *  *  *  *

the week started out sucky {sorry, no sugar coating this time} with this in my driveway…

and this last image of my babies with their ‘tia’ before she jetted off to san fransisco to find a fresh start {insert ultra, ultra sad face…my ‘snister’ is one of my best friends in the wholewide world}

but to the start of a sucky week is a glorious end to one, as i pick up this lady from the airport this afternoon…

i’ll be back later with more of my rambling thoughts, but for now, coffee with my babies, airport pickups and a much needed afternoon with my own mama.


stacey - thanks emily! will be up in a couple weeks! will defnitely make time to see you!

Emily - As always, way cute pictures! I bet you are having just with your parents. Hope to see your fam in Montana sooooooon! The Bridgers miss you

Amber Stewart - Sorry it’s sucky 🙁 glad your mom gets to be there though. Hope the week looks brighter soon! Love ya~

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