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not pinterest worthy

i’ve learned something in all my years of parenting. a nugget you may have heard before, but may or may not havesee it all! »

blessed reality

it’s been weeks since i’ve posted. months actually. so much has happened. SO much has happened. God has beensee it all! »

funny, true & dead on

this made me laugh. and then it made me sad. because it’s true. if your kid seems “behind,” if thesee it all! »

have i told you lately, that i love you?

have a told you lately, that i love you?? no? for shame! of course i do! i’ve missed you all entirely too much!see it all! »

where we’ve been

one of the benefits of schooling your own kids is that you can go anywhere, whenever you like, and bring school with yousee it all! »

verbs & trying to wait

do you ever have a restless, ping-ing in your soul? an energy that won’t go away. that tingles within you, likesee it all! »

give yourself credit

i’m sitting in my bed. the lights are dim and the house is quiet except for the hum of the heater, and the hushedsee it all! »


i didn’t intend on setting any new year’s goals or resolutions (ironically, this is the way LAST year’see it all! »