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last /last/ adj 1. coming after all others in time or order; final. this pregnancy has been weird when i think of it insee it all! »

oh, hello! we’re just waiting for baby…

hello friends! life has been a bit this side of crazy town lately as we rush into what will soon be the launch of a 4see it all! »

our stories matter

i’m sitting here at the airport attempting to process an amazing weekend at hope spoken. a weekend filled with thesee it all! »

i thought ahead & there’s a giveaway!

* long post alert. but there’s a giveaway at the end, so bear with me. plus, the message? super important…sosee it all! »

we run at the camera

sometimes we run at the camera. you know. for fun. but mostly because we like to be dorks. and we like to have fun. so,see it all! »

in our element

when we road trip, i feel like we’re in kind of in our element. just us, smooshed into a van, a crazy circus, thesee it all! »

8…i’m not the only one

8 more weeks, and i’m not the only one who’s counting. it’s been fun to watch sweet pea throughoutsee it all! »

how to be happy

let’s go the simple route this morning… cheers to a happy friday!see it all! »