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glimpses of love

it’s been a rough couple weeks of parenting. like, no-one-gets-along-with-anyone rough. in the realm of siblingsee it all! »


sweet pea has renamed punkin. her new name is now laugher. everyone, meet Laugher Faith : the first time i heard sweetsee it all! »


it’s no secret i struggle with being organized and with creating and sticking to a schedule. in personality worldsee it all! »

not your everyday ordinary

i have approximately 50 (yes. 50. you read that right.) drafts of half written blog posts waiting to be completed andsee it all! »

how we school

we’ve added some new curriculum to our day this year. i’m told this isn’t uncommon for new-ishsee it all! »

the 1st day

we started school last week. wednesday to be exact. i had painted a pretty picture in my head of how our first day ofsee it all! »


i hate running. true story. i signed up for a 1/2 marathon. another true story. i figured the best way to get in shapesee it all! »

sanity, simplicity & juggling

knock, knock! who’s there? me. just me…… is anyone home? *  *  *  *  * i recently took a break fromsee it all! »