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we run at the camera

sometimes we run at the camera. you know. for fun. but mostly because we like to be dorks. and we like to have fun. so,see it all! »

in our element

when we road trip, i feel like we’re in kind of in our element. just us, smooshed into a van, a crazy circus, thesee it all! »

8…i’m not the only one

8 more weeks, and i’m not the only one who’s counting. it’s been fun to watch sweet pea throughoutsee it all! »

how to be happy

let’s go the simple route this morning… cheers to a happy friday!see it all! »

time & a note to new mom’s

i’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. time and the tricks it plays. how we can get muddled down in the dailysee it all! »

9…but who’s counting?

i have reached the point in my pregnancy where it feels as though this baby will never arrive, and while simultaneouslysee it all! »

life lately : in pictures

i’ve been consciously trying to pick up my camera more to snap our day to day life; something i used to be good atsee it all! »

broiled grapefruit

if some of you follow life as you live it on facebook or instagram or both, then i pre-apologize because you already sawsee it all! »