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life lately : in pictures

i’ve been consciously trying to pick up my camera more to snap our day to day life; something i used to be good atsee it all! »

broiled grapefruit

if some of you follow life as you live it on facebook or instagram or both, then i pre-apologize because you already sawsee it all! »

hitting reset

i’ve been needing a reset button in a BAD way these days. third trimester pregnancy roller coaster woes {read:see it all! »


today my “monday” task is simple : these guys get it! (cousins. a long lost picture from Christmas thatsee it all! »


the word ‘HOPE’ keeps popping out at me, a little bit like a jack-in-the-box surprise… “allsee it all! »

what a 2 year old knows about love

we’re in a new phase of sleep patterns at our house. the “snuggle” phase. everyone of our kids is insee it all! »

new look, new life

hiya friends! i’ve been dying to revamp the blog for awhile now, so i’m super pumped to tell you…it’see it all! »

daily dose * some things

just a few things today, sickness has invaded our house in full force, so just bits and pieces of things for yoursee it all! »