give yourself credit

i’m sitting in my bed. the lights are dim and the house is quiet except for the hum of the heater, and the hushedsee it all! »


i didn’t intend on setting any new year’s goals or resolutions (ironically, this is the way LAST year’see it all! »

when in doubt, make a photo book

happy Christmas season! i can comfortably say that now that Thanksgiving is officially over. i’m one of thosesee it all! »

13.1 & my secret ingredient

6 months postpartum, and 10 days before my 32nd birthday, this happened. 13.1. miles that is. 13.1 miles. you may recallsee it all! »

glimpses of love

it’s been a rough couple weeks of parenting. like, no-one-gets-along-with-anyone rough. in the realm of siblingsee it all! »


sweet pea has renamed punkin. her new name is now laugher. everyone, meet Laugher Faith : the first time i heard sweetsee it all! »


it’s no secret i struggle with being organized and with creating and sticking to a schedule. in personality worldsee it all! »

not your everyday ordinary

i have approximately 50 (yes. 50. you read that right.) drafts of half written blog posts waiting to be completed andsee it all! »