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brace. your. selves. this project was AWE.SOME. SAUCY. NESS. awesomesaucyness. it’s the new cool. use it or lose it {dorking out}…let’s PLAY!

{ps…project play newbies start here} 🙂

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quick how to :

  • pour 1 whole bottle of elmer’s glue {the regular, school size} into a bowl
  • add warm H20 to empty bottle. put lid back on. shake it like a polaroid picture. dump into bowl of glue.
  • add color of your choice using food coloring {optional}
  • add 1 teaspoon of borax to 1/2 cup of warm water
  • stir borax mixture into your glue mixture {you may or may not want to use all of the borax mix…use until you get a texture you love!}
  • watch as it slowly starts to congeal and turn into gak!
  • play, play, play!

if needed, click here for full instructions  🙂

gak! this stuff is so cool. SO.COOL. we had some of our best buddies over for the afternoon and i thought that would be the perfect time to bust out our project play activity. my cast of characters included two second graders, two kindergartens, my preschooler M, and baby N. the older kids LOVED this. M was kind of “eh” about it and sweet baby N was *clearly* unimpressed. but the older boys had way more fun than i anticipated. and i learned a few things about gak and boys:

  1. gak feels good on your face
  2. boys want to know how this stuff works and will ask questions {i had no answers. i was just as mystified as the boys. how does glue, water and borax turn into *that*!?}
  3. if you give boys with gak a plastic cup, it will take them .00012 seconds to realize that pushing the gak into said cup with their fingers will emit the sweetest sound to a little boy’s ear. farts. i wish you could hear the laughter. priceless. and undoubtedly, the highlight of my week. really.  🙂

after a good 2 hours of gak play, we bagged up everyone’s gak into a ziploc bag, and it lasted for several days. they all pulled it out and played with it again and again.  we’ll definitely be doing this again…and most definitely with lots of little boys and plastic cups.



gak. wow. what can i say? by FAR, the newest favorite at our house! we’ve done this project TWICE already in the past two weeks. both times requested by the boys, and both times, pure awesomeness. we too discovered that gak feels good on your face. we also found if you used a LOT of blue food coloring, it turns your face blue and people call you a smurf 🙂 another discovery? if you sit on your gak with your jeans on your mom panics and later discovers it easily washes out after a good soak {fyi!} …and the cup thing? rebecca was right…boys + gak + cups + tooting sounds = crazy fun laughter!

we had a friend over {K} for the second batch, and i think he was just as amazed and amused as the boys were! SO fun! even sweet pea got in on it! she was THRILLED with the gak and thought it was hilarious {honestly, i think she was just excited to be part of something so exciting, and with the big kids to boot!}

*disclaimer : no gak was consumed during this episode of project play*

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excited to get feedback from other project players! check out the mcgowan boys rockin’ the yogurt painting project!

are you playing too? leave a link in a comment below, tag life as you live it photography on your *project play* image on facebook, tweet about it {@lifeasyouliveit #projectplay}, instagram {@lifeasyouliveit} or email me your pics at so your kiddos can have their blog debut! it’s too fun not to share!

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as always, let’s give credit where credit is due. see our original pins on our p*inspiration board here.

play on players!


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