daily dose * I.O.U.

soooo, i’ve been slackin’. i haven’t posted a true daily dose since i don’t know when. and honestly? it feels hokey to tell you it’s because i’ve felt like i haven’t had enough time. time. time. time. that wretched four letter word that always manages to get away from me. and what is time really? when i say i don’t have enough time is that really the case? or is it really the simple fact that i’ve yet to find a way to manage my time that leaves everyone and everything feeling happy and clean and in it’s place. because inevitably, if the blog is happy, then my floors and laundry are not; and if the floors and laundry are happy, then the blog is not. and round, and round, and round. and what it really comes down to, is that i’m. not. organized.

there. i said it. i’m the girl that scores *abstract-random* on her personality quizzes, which easily translates into : person that thrives on spontaneity, stresses out with too much scheduling, and generally enjoys life to the tune of moderately controlled chaos. 🙂 for instance, though i gave a valiant effort in being prepared for sunshine’s birthday on sunday, i still found myself exchanging and returning and buying new presents on saturday. afternoon. or then there’s the time {*cough*this weekend*cough*} that at 3:30 in the afternoon the day before Easter, i randomly decided bunnies {yoyo & q-bird} would debut on Easter morning {what. was. i. thinking.} so, yeah. i’m blubbering. the point is {as always} i’m still seeking that pot o’ organization gold at the end of the rainbow. aren’t we all? {please tell me at least SOME of us are? yes? yes?} searching for that illustrious plan that will help me hang on to that elusive sucker we call : time.

and really the point is : I.O.U.

I.O.U. like 10 {or more?} daily doses. i have reams of pictures on my hard drive that are dying to be seen by someone. anyone. stories that i’ve been meaning to tell you. that i type out in my head and then when exhaustion knocks late at night, after the kids have gone to bed, and the house is quiet, instead of putting those words onto paper, i succumb to the cozy calling of my bed. what can i say other than, i’m human and I.O.U.

and so tonight, a plethora of images. some random thoughts. bits of stories. tied together in one big daily dose I.O.U.

let’s dose this bad boy!

*  *  *  *  *

things you’ve missed :

the boys got new shoes. i like them to think it was out of the goodness of my heart {which it was…sort of}, but mostly, it was because i’m. sick. of. shoes. my boys WILL NOT keep them on. i find them. i put them on. we go to, say, the park, and they are off in 10 seconds flat. i’m not joking. my kids don’t like shoes. and guess what? i don’t like putting them on, and i don’t like tying them. call me lazy, but if the world didn’t care, my kids would NEVER wear shoes {unless of course it’s 115 out, in which case shoes are a must to avoid 2nd degree burns…another story for another day…} sooooooooooo, they got new shoes. shoes that don’t tie. heck, they don’t even velcro. they slide on. they slide off. *ahhhhhh* do you hear that? that’s the sound of stress being released 🙂

*  *  *  *  *

we continue to have climbing issues. rarely do we use playground equipment as recommended. rarely. if ever. i’m serious.

*  *  *  *  *

turbo has had some killer expressions as of late, and if this doesn’t look like lover then nothing does! mirror image…

*  *  *  *  *

in other forms of cuteness, sweet pea’s growing a killer hawk. sun-shinage is a bonus.

*  *  *  *  *

and speaking of cute, lover’s cute too {sorry lover, but you are}…even when it looks like he’s consuming the sun.

{impossible for me to resist some good-old-fashioned sun-flare!}

*  *  *  *  *

the saucer : still a font spewing great images.


*  *  *  *  *

and the return of the *hey, what’s up my good people* hand.

with a side of, *no more pictures. please.*

*  *  *  *  *

and then there was Easter. with twilight egg huts. and bunnies. and baskets. and more importantly, teaching our little brood what Easter really means for us and how it is SO much more than eggs, and candy, and yes, even cute little bunnies.

{yes, we rocked the halloween pumpkins for the egg hunt. i like to think of it as : thinking outside the basket}

the Easter bunny brought *nice* baskets this year {sturdy wicker} because this year, our Easter bunny got trendy and went green. i heard on the news {didn’t you?} the Easter bunny announced that if boys and girls save their Easter baskets, keep them safe until next year and then set them out on Easter eve, they get extra candy. extra candy for re-using their Easter baskets, thus keeping our Easter baskets from entering the landfill each year. this means mama the Easter bunny doesn’t have to purchase new baskets each and every year. green Easter bunny = more green in my the Easter bunny’s pocket. win-t0-the-win.

{egg hunting}

in case you hadn’t caught on, the boys got bunnies for Easter {yep. i turned into the mom i said i’d never be} they were excited, and so far, the bunnies have been fun to have around! i’m hoping to add more pics in upcoming post of the boys with their bunnies. they are so. cute. but right now, the bunnies are in transition mode. a bit skittish with the new environment, loud noises and action, it may take a bit of time for them to adjust to our circus show.

the boys were SO excited though, and of course had full rights to their names. sunshine’s was instantly q-bird, as expected. everything he owns is named q-bird. no one know why or what that means. but by default, his bunny’s name is q-bird. turbo on the other hand is most definitely my child. extremely indecisive. his poor bunny may have an identity crisis. for reals. he’s fluttered from : wiggle, to spinner, to bmxer, to jeep-trailer-dirtbike {serious face}, to pocoyo, and now he’s yoyo. he’s been yoyo for a couple days now, so i’m hoping the name has stuck. we shall see.

{q-bird knows what’s up. jelly beans for breakfast baby.}

a lame attempt at an *Easter* picture…

they’re still cute. and yes, they are THAT dirty after a hard day of play 🙂

*  *  *  *  *

on the tippity-top of all that excitement, sunshine, my little sunshine, turned three. years. old. pure madness. it was fun this year because i think this was the 1st year he *got* it. he’s been excited for weeks to open his presents and eat his cake. all he wanted was a green, remote control car. that’s it. and he would wander the house singing happy birthday to no one in particular. so fun!

he did get is *somewhat green* remote control car, and on top of that, his very first bike. he was thrilled with both gifts, but his new big boy bike gives him the ability to keep up with turbojet. priceless. it lives in our kitchen, ready to be hopped on at any given moment for a quick ride around the house. the first try was a bit of a struggle, but three days later, he’s zooming around like crazy.

he requested an ice cream cake for his birthday. mint. so that’s what i made. mint ice cream cake ala candles 🙂


me with the birthday boy…happy birthday sunshine!

{ignore that our back patio looks like a disaster.this is pre-landscaping, and now, it’s done…yay! no more dirt!}

*  *  *  *  *

and now, i’m off…to the airport. company flying in tonight. my favorite!

ps…tickets for our *summer in montana* escapades have been purchased. my heart is BEYOND happy. can’t wait to spend time with friends, family and these mountains in about a month!

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stacey - amy, YES! we love our new little additions to the house. they hop around for a good chunk of the day…so, so cute! emily, i truly can’t get there fast enough! truly. and last, anyone want to claim the other comment? the one that says it’s from me, but talks about being prego at the same time? i SO did not write that! it’s a mystery why my name is on it like i made the comment 🙂 ghost writer, who are you? 🙂

Emily - Stacey & co, I cannot wait (seriously!!!) for your Montana arrival. Love your blog; love the pictures. Love you. I know you are enjoying that company! I am missing them.

Happy belated Birthday to sunshine!!!! muah

Amy - YOU GOT BUNNIES!?!?! So adorable and fun!!

PS…I love the picture of Sweet Pea reaching up at the camera!

stacey - <3 I love your world and love you and your indecisiveness!

And how did it take me this long to realize that we were pregnant at the same time? I gave birth when you were about 5 months pregnant but still!


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