something remarkable {phoenix newborn photographer}

you may remember the hot mama from one of my blog posts that sacrificed herself for some amazing imagery on the highways of arizona…

well when the rubber hit the road, her little bundle decided to surprise mommy and daddy a little bit earlier than anticipated, which resulted in a longer stay at the hospital due to underdeveloped lungs. with lots of love and prayers, baby brielle (*don’t you love her name?!) finally made it home a week later…just in time for her first photo-op! this session resulted in some of my newest favorite images…you’ll see what i mean below! congratulations to maurin, kyle and newly promoted, big sister londyn!

of course we have to show off big sister, lovin’ up on the little one…

i love the fact that this next image captures such a brief, brief moment in time and now this picture is something remarkable to treasure…

who says babies don’t smile? honestly, that is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard! look at her lovin’ up to the camera!


Maurin - Thanks everyone! Love you Stac!

Ruth Sager - In a visit with GREAT G/pa Sager, with broad smiles, he confessed that he just cannot stop looking @ these pix of two of our DEAR GREAT GRANDDAUGHTERS. Who could resist??????? Great G/ma Sager

stacey - you’re so sweet! glad you love them!

Ashley - Cant wait to see all the photos! These are the best baby pix ive ever seen! so adorable! Love the one w L looking over her new baby sista! xoxox Congrats to u and Kyle again! We love and miss you guys!

MacKenzie Martin - These pictures are absolutely precious. I love all of them. What beautiful children you have. They are so much fun. Miss you guys….xoxo 🙂 BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!

Ruth Sager - Have just looked and looked @ these dear pictures. Will be printing to take to GREAT Pa – – I can already ‘picture’ the smiles on his face as he views them. XXX OOO Great G/ma Sager

Heather Wilson - Beautiful photos of beautiful girls 🙂

Jenny Byrdy - Londyn looks so protective of her little sister. Great pics!!!

Kelly James - What great pictures! Great shots of fantastic subjects! Can’t decide on a favorite!

Traci - super cute! congrats kyle, maurin and londyn.

Jeri Lombardi - Baby Brielle is looking adorable!! Great photos!

Terra - Maurin has such beautiful girls and you captured them so well! Gorgeous shots!

Becky - Sweet and adorable pictures of your angels. The last one of Brielle smiling: dreaming of “can’t wait ’til mealtime!” Love your babies, Kyle and Maurin.

Brittney - Such a sweet baby.

Ruth Sager - We are talking PRECIOUS here!! How FUN, as well as remarkable, to view these dear pictures of our LOVED ONES!! THANKS for this special sharing!!

XXX OOO g/ma s.

Sharyn Goins - These are exquisite pictures of Lovey #1 (Londyn) and Lovey #2 (Brielle). Our family is very blessed to have such adorable little
girls in our midst. Love to all, Aunt Sharyn XOXOXO

Laurel - They are all beautiful…….My fav is the one of Brielle and Londyn. They are sooooooo cute!!! Congrats!! The pics are amazing!

Anna - Wow! How fun to have such beautiful pictures! You have picked out a great photographer! Your girls are beautiful!

Linda - These are amazing!!!

shannonvalerie - Wow- stunning photographs and absolutely Beautiful family!!

Jacqueline Perea - Stacy – Beautiful as always! xoxo

Jacqueline Perea - Kyle – Those girls are luck to have you as a father!! xoxo, jp

Kyle - Stacy!!! I love them. I am so lucky to be the father of these two beautiful girls. Thank you for the pictures.

Becky Schmidt - Those are beautiful pictures of my great nieces. Now that I have seen them in person (YEAH!), they are more precious.

Bethany - Love, Love, Love these pictures. Maurin you are gorgeous as always and what beautiful pictures of beautiful little girls!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them!!! =)

Gayle - OMG! What a fabulous big sister taking such sweet care of new Brielle! These pics are amazing!! Love the first one too artistically but nothing makes my heart warm more than a sweet smiling baby!!

Stacey - You were right…that first one is amazing! Love them all! Great job!

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