the littlest bookshelf . book 2

today’s book is one of my favorites (i can’t vouch for the boys, but owen seems to enjoy it…though perhaps not as much as i do!) it is a wonderfully creative book, with simplistic and modern illustrations that play on the ever popular childhood play-thing : the cardboard box. so without further adieu this weeks book on the littlest bookshelf (dun-dunna-dah!) :

of course, the designer in me is a sucker for unique/different/unusual packaging, so part of me is in love with the design details. *notice* the cover notes the net weight of the book as if it were truly being sent through the mail, while the back ensures you which side goes up during delivery…i love, love, love little details like this. it’s the little details that make the package people! (also note, the book itself is the same color/texture…you’ll have to take my word for it on the texture portion…of a cardboard box. genious.)

not a box was written AND illustrated by antoinette portis, which i always find extra impressive…you wrote the story and then you took the time to illustrate it…actually to be honest, i’m such a visual person, i don’t know how you could write a children’s book and NOT illustrate the images that are flying through your head…i digress. antoinette has won a smattering of awards for this book, and once you get a glimpse of what’s inside, you’ll see why.

the images are simple and fresh. on one page someone asks the mod rabbit about his box. to which he simply replies ‘it’s not a box,’ and you are given a visual of what our mod friend is really thinking. i am in love.

below, my little models illustrate how we use boxes for entertainment at our house, from city scapes to towers to hats and cars…

or maybe just a good place to hide 🙂

not a box can be found for purchase here!

Stacey - This sounds like a very fun book. Love the way to accented your photos with the red tricycle. And love all of those smiles from 2 very cute boys saying…I said it’s not a box!! Too much fun.

stacey - i think they’re pretty cute myself 🙂

stacey - oh arlene, you are much too sweet! i always feel lacking in the department of creativity, so your comment is much appreciated! isn’t if funny how we always doubt ourselves! thank you for popping in and leaving a comment!

Your Mama - You and “the littlest bookshelf” have done another awesome job in letting people know about another great book for children. Of course, the models, my grandbabies are always great!

Arlene - Stac- You are one of the best moms ever!!
So fun, so creative…your boys are so lucky to have you!
Wish you and your ideas were around when we were raising our boys 🙂

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