*prelude * i wasn’t expecting such sweet, heartfelt comments on yesterday’s post, but instead, anticipated constructive comments on blog upgrades. little did i know how you all would uplift me with your words. i’ve been feeling a bit lot uninspired/not-good-enough/discouraged about my blog lately, and your words have lifted me up out of that. thank you and beyond. thank you…and congrats to kathy, the winner of the starbucks giftcard. you can see the video here of sweet pea drawing the name.

onward! to today’s post…*

*  *  *  *  *

if you look up the definition of uncomfortable, you’ll find there are two uses of the word. the first, most common, and the second less so, but nailing exactly how i’m feeling these days,

uncomfortable {adjective} * causing or feeling unease or awkwardness


not in a bad way, just in an awkward, uncomfortable, stretching, growing pains sort-of-a-way.

homeschooling is making me reach inside and stumble through a lot of uncomfortable, awkwardness. i feel like a gangley teenager trying to act cool and then falling flat on her face at that critical moment when utmost coolness was required. i’m having to think ahead {gasps}, and schedule things ahead of time {double gasp}, and pre. plan. our. week.

whoa now.

back. the. truck. up.

i told you. uncomfortable {i don’t do pre-planning.} awkward {you want me to think ahead further than tomorrow? #nothappening} all of these things are SO far {so, so far} from my personality it’s not. even. funny. cue the part where i fall flat on my face.


but part of growing and becoming a better, more well rounded person involves uncomfortableness i suppose. so i’m rolling with it. i’d like to think that, like that gangly teenager i mentioned above who will grow into a beautiful young woman one day, i too might grow into something more. something better. someone who is a little more *schedule-y.* who won’t be pre-planning her children’s lessons the night before {cough*i’m doing that after this post*cough}. who won’t feel completely and utterly exhausted from said late night lesson planning {for the love of all things good and holy, let’s all pray i get this pre-planning thing under control. asap. girls, i am tiiiiired. thanks, yo.}

and as long as i’m stretching and growing a bit uncomfortably, i might as well make the circus stretch and grow uncomfortabley also. plus, experiential learning appears to be the most memorable. so…we studied sight. thus, we dissected a cow eyeball. it only seemed right. uncomfortabley so.

dissecting a cow eyeball

{eyeball report * the girls were intrigued. nobody gagged. a miracle since turbo gags carving pumpkins. the inside of a cow eye is a beautiful opalescent color. human eyes? black. they wanted to save the lens. i didn’t let them. it took 20 minutes and the memory will last fo’eva}

like our gangley teenager, i’m dying to be a beautiful, young homeschool mom. {baha! i could barely type that out without laughing out loud. i did get a big grin on my face though 🙂 } ok, maybe not beautiful, and definitely not young, but i’ll take pulled together, poop-in-a-group, homeschool mom…that’s mostly spontaneous {is that even possible? ha!}

yeah. i’ll take that.

peace out yo *


Kathy - Umm, excuse me gorgeous. You are SO beautiful and totally still a baby. So yes, you nailed it. Love it!

Steffany - Hehehe…you had me giggling throughout! Great pictures, and I’m gonna plan tomorrow after I finish this comment- I’ll take pulled-together as well please!!

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