blog post. take 2.

blog post. take 2.

let’s try this again. the first round i felt like i was having a pity party. and i feel like i’m having those a lot lately {or maybe they’re just in my head…} but i figured that you didn’t come here to read about my woes, that in reality really aren’t that woeful. i figured you’re probably here because you like it here…

…i hope?

actually, that’s an interesting question that i’ve been dying to know the answer to and i’m wondering if you’ll play a little game with me? i’d really, REALLY, reallyreally, like to know why you come here. what brings you here.

  • what kind of posts do you like to read?
  • what posts do you have no interest in?
  • what would you like to see more of?
  • what would you like to never. see. again.?

would you leave me a comment??

please? i’ve been feeling very uninspired as of late. not sure if i should delve into homeschool-ish things {when i’m no expert}, wondering if i should bring back some old series {littlest bookshelf & project play}, or if i should start some new one’s; and i’m not a DIY diva, or an amazing artist, or a foodie…

…but i am a mom. just living life the best i can. training my children up in ways that make {hopefully} the good Lord a little proud. i’m thinking you all are too? or at least you relate? i’m guessing you like the reality of my posts? maybe you’re random too? or you just drink coffee so we have a special bond *wink*

would you please {PLEASE} share? tell me what you love to see here. what you love about this place. and how i can make it even more lovely.

i’m being absolutely honest when i say, i would LOVE it if you would take a few minutes of your time and share with me today.

would. love. that.

{ps * isn’t my sister the cutest? i miss her. she lives in ireland, but i thought you’d like to see how fun she is. #theresyourrandom}

so much so that if you leave a comment, i’ll put you in a drawing for a $10 gift card to starbucks. boom baby. raise that bar.

thank you friends. love your guts *

Jennifer - I would -beyond- LOVE reading all things homeschool!! Your activities, how things worked out, your plans for it… I mean everything…

I love your everyday life posts.
And snapshots

I would love your project play and bookshelf posts … Your an inspiration and I LOVE how real you are.
You don’t hold anything back. The good the bad, the messy… I love it all.

I kid you not when you were talking about being worried about turbo in school (not him- but being in school in general) I wondered why you didn’t homeschool… You are amazing.

I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old.. Both girls and I am seriously thinking I need to homeschool. I’m too against what’s going on in the school systems.. Other people’s values and (therefor their kids values) being influences for my girls. It’s beyond scary.. It’s anxiety inducing.. Anyway. I love your blog. Don’t be uninspired.. You are an inspiration by being you.

And we have a magic bond over coffee *wink*

haverlee - Well, I’m not a long-time reader, but let me say: I’m quite picky about the blogs that remain in my feed and yours is still in there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Its great to hear another honest voice out there (sometimes I feel like I’m too honest on mine but I know that people do appreciate it) and to not always have some DEEP something or other because a lot of times my mind just isn’t there! I like random posts a lot, so don’t shy away from those! Plus, duh, your photography’s great!

Courtney - On my own blog I write about balancing toddlers and being a working mom and wife. So I stumbled on your blog… Loving the truths you speak. I would read Bout balance and how you pursue your marriage. Thanks for writing!

Michele - Look forward to each of your blogs, not only because I am Lover’s aunt,but because it’s fun to see how each post relates to the experiences I had growing up in the 70’s and 80’s with 3 of my own kids and 4 day care children. We never had cell phones, blogs, tweets,or even Facebook, or any type of media other than TV and radio, but still the fun, worries, heart aches and achievements seem to be similar, and somehow in the end the kids grow up, and the circle starts over again!
Hoping you put all your writings together and publish a book! Your inspiration will motivate mothers to know not all is perfect, but each day brings another chance to start once again with a God blessed attitude!

Kathy - You know I <3 you right? SO DEARLY!

And it's because of who you are I will read everything you write. You are fabulous and incredible and godly and inspiring.

Jess - LOVE your blog!!! I love reading about your kids, mothering, God, Faith, everything!!!

Deborah - Love your inner monologue. You’re honest and I like hearing your thought process as it relates to life with kids. Plus I miss my coaches wives friends and I like catching up by reading what you’re up to. Agree with other posters that no excess of DIY stuff is a good thing – I never feel inferior reading your posts, only inspired. Keep on doin’ yo thang … It’s working beautifully!

Valerie - I’m guilty of being one of your long(ish)-time readers but never commented before this. Sorry! I don’t remember how I happened upon your blog but it’s refreshing honesty of plain family living and the superb photography kept me coming back. I love the ‘everyday’ posts – you know, the ones that are about nothing in particular except life. Your kids are gorgeous and I love reading about your everyday adventures.

I was intrigued to read about your ‘secret mission’ of homeschooling and am eager to see how it works for you. I’d love to see future posts about what you’ve tried, what works, what doesn’t, how you decided on curriculum, etc. I wasn’t homeschooled but I have friends who were and was interested to see how my learning experiences differed from theirs.

About DIY / artsy posts… they are okay. But there are a million blogs about DIY and I like your blog because it’s a break from that. It’s a snapshot of life – nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with us blog readers. You’re doing a great job!

Your Mama - I don’t think I could survive without ALL the posts that make me feel like I am right there with all you guys. When I am feeling lonely (most of the time) for all of you, your posts make me feel better. The pictures of Turbo, Sunshine and Sweet Pea warm my heart, as do the seldom seen pictures of you and lover! I see your life as so real and God filled. I love it all, and that is not being prejudice! Ok, maybe a little. . .I love you Stacey!!!

Arlene - Honestly, it’s your honesty! I can honestly say I love you all.
And honestly, you don’t have to pay me with a g/c to say it. ????

Erin wells - Oh stac where to start ๐Ÿ™‚ I get so excited everytime another blog post pops into my Facebook feed. Weather you know it or not, you really are touching people’s lives in everything you write about, your’e real and that’s what we love, especially us busy moms. I hope you know that you touch my heart with every post in one way or another and for that I’m greatful, THANKs! Favs… Pics of course, sayings quotes verses, your struggles and how you deal and even your awesomeness at meals ๐Ÿ™‚ keep em coming! Many hugs from the BIG SKY STATE!

Jill - I read your blog cause I love to know what my cute niece and nephews are up since I can’t hang out with them enough! Love to hear the fun and crazy things they do (aka streak through chick-fil-a)! Always love to see the fun projects you have created for your house or the kids! Your posts are real and we can all connect with your mom struggles as well! Oh and pictures, cant do without those! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love ya and keep posting

Sylvia - I love all your posts, but especially the ones where you talk about your challenging days. The ones where you have to really dig deep for patience and how you explain the way you handle things. These posts are the ones that have really touched me and I feel like I learn from them. Of course I also LOVE the photo filled posts, because your photos are so creative, capturing those special moments, and the cutest expressions on your beautiful little family’s faces. ๐Ÿ™‚ The product review posts are interesting too and the ones where you talk about what is in your diaper bag for example – I’ve discovered a few great products off your blog!

Kristen Steadman - I have enjoyed every blog you have posted. Not only is it a way for me to stay connected to your family when you are far away from MT…but it also leaves me inspired to be a better mom, be more spontaneous, creative, and joyful. It is a daily reminder of the amazing things in our lives to feel blessed about. I love when you post creative stuff you do with your sweet children. It inspires me to do more “kid stuff” and use the beautiful landscape God has provided us. Your posts reinforce that I am not the only mom with struggles and bad days, but know my beautiful children bring light to our lives every day in those struggles. Continue posting whatever is in your heart. All your readers connect with it….every happy time, pity party, awesome and creative play time, and DIY projects (or attempts ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Your words make us inspired, Stacey!!!!!!

Lanae Brown - I don’t think there have been any blog posts of yours that I haven’t liked. I appreciate your realness (is that a word?) and humor. Your photos are all amazing, your children are adorable, and I wish you lived here so we could be friends in real life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep doing what your doing! Oh, and I’d love to hear more about your homeschooling journey!

Patti - I read your posts…. All the time to catch up on your world! Love everything about it! You, kids, lover, cat, walks etc! Keeps me in touch a little bit!

Love ya…. Enjoy the day!

Leigh Winter - I absolutely LOVE your blog! It is so real and inspiring!! And…I love your randomness and your love for coffee {I may or may not be a coffee lover myself :)} keep on writing about whatever comes to your mind…those can be the most {accidental} inspirations for people like me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kendall - I love you late night blog posts because I am always up to read them! Makes me feel not alone at night! #teamnightowls lol. ???? && I loveee seeing the kids, I miss them! And even if you think no one is listening I think you have a lovely bunch of blog lovers that will back you up and send you all the love, support, and inspiration you need!
Love you!!! ????? XOXO!

stacey - well sheena, i think you are the bomb dot com also! thank you for your sweetness, always. xo

Sheena - I like visiting your blog because it keeps me up to date, from a distance, on your life. I appreciate the raw-ness and truth of it; it’s inspiring and creative. It shows your humility, grace, thoughtfulness and humor. I love the photography that accompanies each entry. I enjoy everything about it ๐Ÿ™‚

stacey - allison! thank you for your comment. random photo stories? i feel like you’re speaking my language ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for sharing! truly. xo

Allison Waksm - I love photo filled posts random or not. I tend to skip over posts with a lot of words just because I’m usually scrolling through so many I don’t stop to read them all. I love random when the photos do the talking ๐Ÿ™‚

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