REVIVAL! the littlest bookshelf * beautiful OOPS!

remember WAAAAAAY back in the day when i used to do little posts about some of my most favorite-st children’s books of all time?  no?  if not, go here.  if yes, yay for you!  and double yay and a hallelujah for their revival!

bum-batta-BA!  this month’s littlest bookshelf!

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BOOK * beautiful OOPS!

AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR * barney saltzberg

this book is amazing and incredible and wonderful and inspiring and, and, and…adjectives could wrap this bad boy like a Christmas present it’s THAT. GOOD. period.

it’s a book meant to inspire and evoke creativity, and i’m not going to say it’s just for the littlest, littlest bookshelf readers but perhaps for the creatives in all of us!  it encourages exploration through artistic ‘mistakes’ to create beautiful, ingenuitive masterpieces…thus, beautiful OOPS!

product review

have i mentioned the illustrations are to die for AND interactive for busy hands?  not to mention tactile…oh, i didn’t?  ….well, they are!

product review

can’t live for one more second with out this adorable, awe-inspiring, pull-you-out-of-your-creative-rut, piece of storybook art adorning your shelves?  click the link below {you, your littlest and your creativity can thank me later, muah!}

product review

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