we saw the Once-ler.

today, we saw the once-ler.

i’m being serious. he left a sad, lonely trail for us to follow. stump after stump of once glorious *truffula* {palm} trees left naked…

…and alone.

they took so long to grow. they look so beautiful. a happy sight amidst the contrast of the desert. not for much longer.¬†they’re cutting all of these down {yes, even the one’s in the background}.

another piece of nature taken away to make room for more roads. more strip malls. there’s a LOT of development going on in our area, and i’d be lying if i told you it wasn’t bothering me. every time a field of crops is destroyed to make the freeway bigger, every time a tree {or a hundred, but who’s counting} is chopped down, my heart aches a bit. it makes me a little bit sad inside.

i think it’s the country girl in me. but every field gone and every tree left a stump is just one more piece of nature gone for us, my kids, to enjoy.

*i meant no harm. i most truly did not.

but i had to grow bigger. so bigger i got.

i biggered my factory. i biggered my roads.

i biggered my wagons. i biggered my loads…

…{and} i’m figgering

on biggering,

and biggering,

and biggering,

and biggering!* {dr. seuss, the lorax}


Stacey - I was there and was quite saddened by the chopping of the trees. I have always LOVED those lines of palm trees and as soon as I saw the stumps I thought of you and the pictures you had taken of them on your walks. As we drove past Colin asked if the Once-ler was here ūüôĀ so very sad

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