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daily dose!

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montana was heartwarming…sweet pea was initiated into her montana family with love.

family photography

it was sad to leave as always. but much easier leaving when you’re welcomed home by these two adorabley wild little men!

child photography

they missed their sister.

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by FAR, one of my  new favorite images EVER…

lifestyle photography

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who’s who?

same baby? nope! the top is sweet pea and the bottom is turbojet…houston we have a look-a-like. i repeat a look-a-like.

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my *rocks-of-love* collection is growing…we may need to put an addition onto our house if it gets much bigger. a rocks-of-love room 😀

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i think i’ve mentioned before that i have an EXTREMELY talented father-in-law. he builds the most incredible furniture and toys for the kiddos…and i’m not just saying that because, as the daughter-in-law, i’m obligated to…it truly is beautiful furniture {i’ll do a seperate post sometime on all the amazing things he’s created for varying members of the family}. check out this adorable pull toy he created for sweet pea…

awesome, right? right. talented, right? right.

*  *  *  *  *

lover has a new hobby that has him spending quite a bit of time out in our garage working on his quads. the boy’s love to be out there amongst the parts, and grease, and oil. but lately, there’s a new apprentice in town,

my dad was here this week to hang out and tinker around in the garage as well. my grease monkeys…

do you know that song by tanya tucker called daddy’s hands? that’s what this picture makes me think of…

and this is how i remember his hands growing up : always working, confidently fixing things that were broken, and like the song says,

* daddy’s hands were soft and kind when I was cryin’.
daddy’s hands, were hard as steel when I’d done wrong.
daddy’s hands, weren’t always gentle
but I’ve come to understand.
there was always love in daddy’s hands. *

love you dad…thanks for all your help this past week!

*  *  *  *  *

turbojet has some killer knock, knock jokes…ready yourselves,

  • * knock, knock
  • *who’s there?
  • *potato
  • *potato, who?
  • *potato, i forgot to get my brother!

like i said, killer 😀

*  *  *  *  *

sweet pea wants to stand so. bad. you can tell she’s already itching to join the ranks of the wildboys. i love the look of determination on her face.

and a combination of victory and shock when she makes it!

think of all we could accomplish if we were all that determined!

beautiful saturday to you!


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