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inadequate, yet well equipped

i laid in the grass tonight staring up at the sky as the scorching sun finally tucked itself on the far west side of oursee it all! »

accepting the irritable

i was reading my bible yesterday morning, trying to reform the habit after a long summer of slowly falling out of it&#see it all! »

confessions of a blogger

i have a confession to make. a real one. things like this are hard to write, but sometimes necessary {and let’ssee it all! »

a secret mission & you may need this

i’m on a solo journey this weekend {a secret mission of sorts…stay tuned}. i’m following my heart {see it all! »

good morning!

every morning, the circus and i rock out to this song : we play it loud. we get jiggy with it. we sing at the top of oursee it all! »

life as you live it, life as you blog it,, faith, love

what do i stand for

the minute i first heard the song that’s playing, i hung on the lyrics, “what do i stand for?” andsee it all! »

easter, easter garden, easter terrarium, Jesus

our Easter garden

my mom was in town for a couple of days, always time well spent for our family. oh, how i wish we lived closer to allsee it all! »

it’s not fair

when i picked turbo up from school yesterday, it had been a long day. we hadn’t been back to the house since wesee it all! »