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giving for 12 days of Christmas

hello, hello friends! it’s been crazy busy here, from birthdays to thanksgiving to Christmas preparations…see it all! »


if you follow me on instagram, you saw that we sent lover off to san fran on friday to run the urbanathalon today! havesee it all! »

new template launch & a giveaway!

this template has been brewing for quite some time now. two years it’s been steeping. two. years. as i get oldersee it all! »

just some things * daily dose

i haven’t done a daily dose in forever. remember when i used to write those once a week? random tidbits of lifesee it all! »

i stash their candy

halloween is over. and if you’re like us, you have scads of halloween candy sitting on your counter right now.see it all! »

what real fall looks like

we’re back from montana, refreshed and ready for the craziness that comes with halloween and is quickly followedsee it all! »

out of neutral

i’ve come to notice that when i’m feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or what have you. i tend to shift intosee it all! »

dear self

hey you. we need to have a talk, just me and you, head to head, eye to eye, heart to heart. you haven’t beensee it all! »