my fridge will thank you…!

i wish i could take credit for this fun find, but today it will all go to my mom. my mom is a GREAT grama (like so greatsee it all! »

wisconsin wedding {wedding photographer}

as usual i’m behind on my postings, but i have a great excuse (in my opinion) i was traveling back from wisconsinsee it all! »

in a blink

i did something unbelievable today. something extraordinary. something that came much too quickly (as many, many peoplesee it all! »

funk-y town…

lately, i’ve been in a funk, and i can’t seem to pull myself out. you know the kind of deep down funk wheresee it all! »

happy anniversary lover!

dear lover, we did it! another year under our belt. another year filled with joy and love and laughter. with beautifulsee it all! »

love that lasts…

when i married my hubby, you might say i hit the ‘in-law jackpot’.  a girl couldn’t ask for moresee it all! »

classy sassy newborn petti’s {commercial photographer}

just wanted to show you another little peek at the adorable items classy sassy girls has to offer! petti-tu’s forsee it all! »

a muddy mess!

for those of you who don’t know, i live in phoenix, and for those of you who have never visited phoenix, thesee it all! »