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back again.

i’m back again. and it feels oh-so-very-good to sit down here and pound out the thoughts that have been stirringsee it all! »

daily dose * what a week

i’m not gonna lie, last week was not the greatest of weeks. you know when you get into one of those moods wheresee it all! »

advent activities * ernie round 1

ernie has kept me us SUPER busy, and the boys are having LOTS fun! mamacita on the other hand is getting a run for hersee it all! »

advent activities * elf-style

i’ve been wanting an advent activity of sorts for the last couple of years. last year’s idea was a flop&#see it all! »

insta*montha*grams {november}

november, as it promised, was full of blessings and an abundance of gratitude. the perfect send off as we begin oursee it all! »

thanksgiving * a day late & a dollar short

i didn’t write much on thanksgiving day this year. i suppose i’m a bit slow-on-the-go; i guess you could saysee it all! »

daily dose * t-minus 7 days

did anyone else just get slapped up along side the head by thursday, only to realize that turkey day is exactly one.see it all! »

insta*montha*grams {october}

so many, many favorites from this month…let’s just say it was well documented! i can literally feel my heartsee it all! »